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Net2 Example System


This example illustrates 5 doors in an office secured by Net2

  • Net2 software (1)
    The access control system is administered from the PC using the Net2 software. Users can be added, reports created and much more.
  • Communications converter (2)
    This device connects directly to the serial port/USB of the Net2 PC. It connects the control units with the PC or via Network cable to PC
  • Door components (3)
    Control unit – 1 required for every door. Able to permit or deny access to users without communication to the PC.
    Reader – 1 or 2 readers can be fitted to each door. A wide range of readers are compatible with Net2 including proximity, magstripe, keypads and biometric.
    Exit button – Any ‘push to make’ button can be used.
    Electric lock – The Net2 control unit has voltage free relay contacts. This means that Net2 is capable of operating any type of electric lock.