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Access Control

We look after every aspect of access control from a basic 1 door entry system to a multi network / site with over 100 controllers / doors. We have no limit to supporting these combined with other services with expertise in IT and as well as access control you get the freedom of not worrying about intruders or certain people not allowed access to certain rooms.

In our maintenances or services we check all of the following:

  • Check the number and type of readers are in accordance with the specification and any
  • Confirm that there remains adequate ventilation in the area of the Controllers and devices
  • Check warning labels are still in place.
  • Check all cables and conduit are properly supported, undamaged and showing no signs of wear.
  • Check for sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of supports and fixings.
  • Check all glands, seals and connections on all external equipment.
  • Does the equipment remain free from environmental problems such as dust, vibration, electrical interference etc?
  • Does the system remain protected against unauthorised interference, e.g. password level (s).
  • Are reader timings as specified?
  • Check operation of all door fixings and furniture is satisfactory.
  • Check function of all interfaces with alarms is satisfactory including correct triggering of alarms.
  • Check that the performance of the system(s) continues to meet the agreed specification / operational requirement according to the periodic test scheme agreed with the customer.
  • All connections checked and labelled.
  • Customer’s system logbook filled in.

We can supply and replace any like for like repairs, as well as change any existing installs to meet new criteria

Repairs on all access control installs will be done as quick as possible, depending if special parts are required. Most repairs are done on the first call out or with in 1 working day.

As well as all the above we install new installsations on a per quote basis to any requirement that you the client needs.

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