ip-cameras-941x6371Securing your premises with close circuit television means that in the event of an incidient you can provide evidence to proscute or use in a court of law. These act as a perfect deterent thus reducing the other potential theft or vandalism or arson.

No matter how small or large the survielance needs to be we can quote and cater for all your requirements. Recording the footage onsite via motion sensored triggers means that the amount of data needed is dramitcally reduced compared to a constant recording, having the ability to record up to 60 days by increasing hard drive space.

Single camera or multi sites there is no limit to how big or small the system can be.

The ability to view on your mobile phone (ipad, iphone or android) or via your pc for playback or live coverage. Site surveys allow you to maximise the area in which you want to cover for the least amount of black spots. All quotes are done on a per site/house visit which is conducted free of charge.

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